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Pour Over Coffee Stand for V60/Kailta Wave

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A pour over coffee is said to extract a richer and fuller bodied flavour to your brew - whether you're using a Hario V60 or a Kalita Wave.

Having a morning ritual helps us start the day feeling strong, centred and organised.

Drink your cup of coffee however you like - with or without milk, served hot or over ice. Most importantly, our handmade stands take up very little space on your kitchen worktop.

Ellis Co. is a brand of OpenFaaS Ltd for Premium, handmade goods.

Why start a coffee ritual? 🌅☕️😌

  • Ground yourself with a morning ritual
  • Organise your worktop and prevent sprawl from your coffee seat
  • Streamline your day with very little cleaning between drinks

According to Artisan Coffee Co. you can "Start the day feeling strong and centred, and your day is much more likely to be calm, productive and stress-free."

Check out their article here: "Transform your morning coffee into a powerful self-care ritual"

About our hand-made stands by Alex ☕️😌

  • He uses traditional joinery and hand-tools, built to last
  • He uses sustainably-sourced timber to make you a unique item
  • He protects them with a food-safe waterproof finish so that you can wipe off splashes
  • He'll brand it with an OpenFaaS logo and a hot iron!
  • Then he adds natural cork pads to the base to keep your worktop pristine

You can pick between a natural "natural" colour or "medium" finish.

Recommended setup and brewing recipe: ⏳

  • Start with either the Hario V60 and Kalita Wave. The smaller sizes are great for a single mug of coffee.
  • Grind 15-16g of fresh coffee beans with a hand grinder or burr grinder
  • Place a coffee pot/"server" under the station to prevent splashes
  • Pre-wet an unbleached paper with hot water, then discard the water
  • Bring your water to the boil - filtered water is the best option, then let it cool a little
  • In stages, gradually pour the water over - until you get to 250ml for a rounded cup, or stop at 220ml for a stronger brew.
  • Dab off any splashes and dispose of the paper filter
  • Find somewhere comfy to savour the moment

Where do you ship? 📦

For the UK & Northern Ireland, we can ship any version.

For the EU, we use tracked post for Oak, Premium Plywood and Pine.

For the USA, it's Premium Plywood only, also via tracked post.

All items are made to order with the lead time being 2 weeks.

What are people saying? 📢

David Flanagan was our first customer, buying the earliest prototype with dovetails

An early version of the coffee stand for David' in Glasgow with Dovetails (Medium pine)

Nik ordered a branded version using solid Oak, with rounded corners:

All joinery is cut by hand including these dovetails - one of the strongest wood joints

Here's my personal coffee making kit (Premium Plywood - Medium) on vacation with a local coffee from Buxton Coffee

This one was made for Jeremy Rickard (Premium Plywood - Natural)

Any other questions, get in touch with us at: contact@openfaas.com

  • A hand-made coffee pour-over station

  • A hand-made coffee pour-over station


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Pour Over Coffee Stand for V60/Kailta Wave

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