Hand Crafted Serving Board

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Put a hand-crafted serving board in your kitchen for your breakfast, date night, or for nibbles when you have friends and family over.

Slow and sustainable: Alex makes each serving board from solid Oak and Beech using traditional hand-tools.

Freshly finished Oak serving board with mineral oil

You can use these for your morning meal, as a cheese board, for serving nibbles to friends and family. They look and feel beautiful and are finished with food safe mineral oil.

  • Self-cleansing - wood is naturally anti-microbial
  • Quality hardwood - made from either Oak or Beech, these have their own
  • No board is alike - each is made by hand, so isn't completely uniform, may have natural features or a live edge
  • Branded with fire - request the trademarked OpenFaaS logo on your serving board at checkout

A Beech serving board (back), medium plywood pour over station (middle) and keyboard rest (front).

Do I want Oak or Beech?

Oak tends to be more well known as a timber, it has varied character, but is also quite weighty. The lead photo is Oak.

Beech on my workbench, just before applying a finish of mineral oil, which will make the colour pop.

Beech is often used for spoons and items that come in contact with moisture. Its tight grain can be beautiful when finished with mineral oil, and is more resilient to resist moisture

How do I clean and maintain them?

Wipe off with a wet cloth, wetting both sides equally. Do not submerge in water. You can rub on mineral oil every 3-6 months or depending on usage to keep the surface looking its best.

Can I chop food on these?

That's entirely up to you, both Beech and Oak will show cutting marks, so we'd recommend an end-grain chopping board for that. Available separately.

Are these branded with the OpenFaaS (tm) logo?

You can request the OpenFaaS to be branded with a hot iron on the bottom right corner.

Do I get a live edge or square board?

You can request a live edge at checkout, we'll try to accommodate your request, subject to stock.

What size are these?

Each piece of timber is unique, so sizes may vary, along with grain patterns. They will be roughly 22-25mm thick, 20-25cm wide and around 35-40cm long.

What do you use for shipping?

These are heavy items, especially the Oak boards, so we send this by tracked post to make sure they get to you. Postage isn't cheap, but we don't want to cut corners after carefully crafting your serving board.

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A hand crafted serving board

Sustainable source
FSC certified
Every board has its own character
Local maker
Support a local craftsman
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Hand Crafted Serving Board

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